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An Easy Guide To Classic House Plants

House plants. One of our favorite go-tos for brightening up a living space and adding a breath of fresh air. No matter which space you‘re in, a plant or two can dramatically liven up the place and help it feel alive. House plants can be a wonderful tool in your decorating kit and have many positive benefits for the space around you!

I know, I know. Sometimes it can feel like a commitment. Maybe you feel a little worried about the caring role for the plant. Luckily for you, we have the solution. I have compiled a list of my favorite go-to house plants to help liven up your living space, and bring a smile to your dial!

First Things First Though, Why House Plants?

Air Quality

Did you know that house plants can have a positive effect on the quality of the air? It‘s true! It‘s inevitable that when we live or work in a busy place, we are going to be inhaling a lot of pollution. Couple this with all the carbon dioxide that we inhale from those around us and it‘s safe to say that we aren‘t getting the fresh, clean, outside air our bodies desire.

Now I‘m not saying that house plants will solve all your breathing problems, but they will at least provide you with some healthy, happy air. By absorbing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the plants then filter it through their microorganisms and give it back to us in the form of clean, green oxygen. Amazing!

And it‘s not just the oxygen provisions that make house plants so useful. They provide a range of helpful skills, such as purifying the air of nasty chemicals, to absorbing mould around you.

Hey Good Lookin‘!

This isn‘t only me who thinks this right? Having some fresh greenery in your living space can work wonders on the mood of the room. It can bring in a burst of positivity, a sense of freshness and an appealing atmosphere to any space. Plants provide interior decoration without clunky furniture, and contrast against those blank white walls with strength! And the best bit about them? They only get bigger! Provide them with enough care and water and soon you will have house plants that will make your guests stop and stare to marvel at the green.

And it doesn‘t stop there! Studies have shown that plants in the workplace even boost creativity and productivity. We can‘t argue with that!

Plant Parent Goals

Here‘s where the science comes in… Simply having a plant to care for, and to nourish and help thrive can work wonders on your mental health. Caring for plants promotes natural feelings of comfort and relaxation and suppresses nervous emotions. It really can be said that plants contribute to a reduction of stress (physical and physiological).

What Are The Basic Requirements?

For any house plant, it‘s a rule of thumb to consider these things: light, humidity, temperature, water and the soil. Don‘t be intimidated by these requirements, a little research and attention is all it takes to master the basics.

In Australia, it‘s very unlikely that you are going to face issues with your indoor environment being too cold, so focus on plants that instead can handle the heat. If you‘re after a plant that requires ample sunshine, don‘t put it in the dark. Read the guide or ask the sales person the simple requirements when you purchase the plant and decide if this is the right plant for your space? And remember, too much love can be overwhelming… so don‘t overwater!

Every plant species, like the rest of us living things, are unique and have different requirements. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with these, ensure your environment will please the plant and presto!

And Without Further Ado, My Top 6 House Plants For Beginners!

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is without a doubt one of my favorite house plants for purifying the air. When well cared for, they can show beautiful white flowers standing tall from their masses of shiny foliage. They are perfectly happy with minimal watering once a week and fare well in low lighting conditions making them an agreeable house plant for beginners. However if you want to witness the grand white flowers, be sure to place them in indirect, bright lighting!

Fun Fact: Peace Lilies are rather chatty, and can commicate what they need. Brown tips? Too much water! Drooping? Time for a drink!

Devil‘s Ivy

Not quite as the name suggests the Devil‘s Ivy, or Pothos, iS an incredibly friendly and forgiving house plant. These lovely little air-purifiers spread their tendrils nice and long, perfect for hanging from high points in the room. They are fans of the sun and when they get going they are incredibly easy to propagate meaning you can turn one plant into two, three or four!


Ah Monstera, the lovely Swiss Cheese plant that attracts attention in any room with its shiny green leaves and unique detailing. These plants are a perfect addition as a feature point of a room, and are fans of a warm environment. Keep them moist and warm, out of the direct sun and you can enjoy their presence for a long time!


Calathea Plants, with their wide green leaves and uniquely detailed features, are a popular choice for many searching for a new house plant. Easy to care for, and easy on the eyes, this family of house plants come in many different shapes and sizes. Calatheas are sure to add a boost of energy to any room or workplace with their large leaves and strong stalks. You can even find them moving and shaking around the room, curling up when they tend to be thirsty or when it’s time for sleep. Our main tip? Keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid burning the pretty leaves on each of them!

Zanzibar Gem

Have you been seeking a plant that isn‘t just a pretty face, but also forgives even the most careless of owners? One with uniquely glossy, green leaves that can handle both shady and bright areas? Introducing the Zanzibar Gem! This really is one of our favourite go-tos. A plant that thrives on minimal attention, yet brings beauty into any room with its stretching leaves and deep green coloring. The Zanzibar Gem can store water itself, making it incredibly drought resistant and able to grow even if you leave it while you‘re on holiday. Sounds pretty good to me!

Mistletoe Fig

Lucky last, the Misteltoe Fig! A rare little ficus, aptly named for the white fruit it bears that are small, fair-colored and with love and growth eventually turn red. The mistletoe fig has waxy green leaves and is a comfortable and happy companion in any home! It is happiest without too much attention, requiring minimal water and indirect sunlight from an exposed window. Finding it hard to locate one of these? We like to keep some in stock at our Paddington store, growing and cultivating them in our ceramic potters.

A Little Greenery Goes A Long Way!

We hope this was helpful for you! We certainly notice a change in all of our moods in our Paddington store when our plants are as happy as we are. And if you‘re looking for the perfect plant pot for your new green friend, stop in to see what we have. Not just ceramic jewellery and lampshades here in Bowerbird, we also love creating brightly colored, hand painted pots for your plants. Our final tips? Think carefully about the environment you bring the plant into, and what it will naturally provide in terms of heat, water and humidity. Set up a routine to water your plants if you‘re forgetful. And don‘t forget to take it to the hairdressers! A little pruning of the dead leaves every now and then goes a long way…

We ope you enjoyed this blog, and if you have any other favorites that we might have forgotten to mention be sure to comment them below! We love hearing about what works for you. Until next time xx

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