Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you might have guessed that this is a day we are excited for! As a mother-and-daughter-led business, we love any excuse to celebrate a day like this. This year we want to shine a light on the women who surround us, the women who empower us, and the women we admire. We know there are many different alternative relationships akin to mother and daughter to be celebrated on mother’s day. Those who have lost their mothers, those who have unconventional mothers, those who have found their bond with people outside of their family. The new mothers, the old mothers, the expecting mothers.

This year, we have put together a list of some exciting alternatives to the classic wrapped present. A day spent in the company of those you love is always a present worth wishing for. An excuse to learn something new together, create a memorable piece to cherish, and time spent outside of the normal visiting places. We have gift ideas for nature lovers, foodies, makers, and creatives! Without further ado, here are some of our favourite gifting activities this Mother’s Day!

For the Nature Lovers

Francesca’s Flowers, Brisbane

Francesca’s Flowers is a boutique Brisbane florist run by a mother-daughter duo. Located in the heart of Brisbane, Francesca’s is not only a floral studio, but also has a lot to offer for those who want to try out floristry themselves. Sound like you? You can head over to their website here to peruse their options on varying workshops to match anyone’s skill set and desires. From flower crowns to native bunches to perfecting your very own Christmas wreath there is something for everyone. Francesca’s also offers 4-week workshops and group bookings for special events such as hen’s parties or corporate events.

For Mother’s Day, we recommend their virtual classes! Francesca’s delivers fresh market blooms straight to your door, before launching a live stream class. Here they show you how to make the most of your bunch, leaving you with a beautiful arrangement for your home. You can find the link here.

We love the homey and welcoming vibe that Francesca’s Flowers gives us, and their beautifully crafted bouquets. You can check them out here!

  • WHO? Francesca’s Flowers
  • PRICE? $135
  • DURATION? 1 hour
  • SNACKS? No
  • WHAT YOU GET? Blooms delivered to your door and a set of skills!

Kokedama Workshop, Brisbane

Do you want to gift a pot plant, but can’t find the perfect one? Or perhaps you want to make it that extra bit special for your favorite person. How about a Kokedama workshop! Kokedama is a traditional Japanese art form, utilizing moss instead of a traditional pot. In fact, the name Kokedama literally translates to moss ball! They create beautiful circular plants, which can then be kept in a pot saucer or hung in a macrame to decorate your home.

This workshop, run by Stafford-based Northside Flower Market, is the perfect excuse to learn a skill that will last a lifetime, get your hands dirty, and find new ways to showcase plants in your home. That’s not all they have to offer either! Northside Flower Market has a wider range of varied workshops, including Macrame, flower arranging, tea cup arrangements, and even flower crowns! If you’re interested, you can find the booking links here.

  • WHO? Northside Flower Market
  • PRICE? $75
  • DURATION? 1.5 hours
  • SNACKS? No
  • WHAT YOU GET? Your very own Kokedama and a set of new skills!

For the Hands-On Makers

Carol Russell Woodwork, Brisbane

Carol Russell is a Tasmanian-born nature lover and woodworker, currently located in Brisbane. Leaning more towards conservation than restoration, she has spent years perfecting her craft and growing her understanding of the world around us. Carol has a passion for ethically sourced materials and a mindful outlook on her waste. She believes this is fundamental to her creativity as an artist.

This Mother’s Day, why not look into gifting a class with Carol herself. With an interest in making small spoons and wooden vessels, these classes are a wonderful and complete introduction to the world of spoon carving. Available for all levels of spoon carvers, it gives you a range of interesting topics: spoon carving techniques, timber choice, cutting blanks, and hand tool use and maintenance! There is even morning and afternoon tea provided!

“No matter what you make from timber, you can’t improve on a tree.

Carol Russell

These workshops are the perfect gift for the hands-on crafter, the DIY maker, and the enthusiastic learner! You can find out more on Carol’s website here.

  • WHO? Carol Russell
  • PRICE? N/A
  • DURATION? Full day
  • SNACKS? Yes
  • WHAT YOU GET? A handmade wooden spoon and a set of new skills!

For the Creatives at Heart

Bowerbird Collections Workshops, Brisbane

Now I’m sure you have all heard the news by now… Bowerbird Collections has a brand new Gallery and Workshop space! Our wonderful founders Peta and Ellie are sharing their love and knowledge with you all, giving you the opportunity to learn Oil Painting or Ceramics from an experienced maker! These workshops are the perfect gift to show someone you care, in the comfortable and welcoming gallery space in the heart of Brisbane city.

Ceramics Workshops

Photo Credit: Bowerbird Collections

In the ceramic workshops, you will prepare, decorate and glaze your own ceramic piece that you can take home and treasure. Designed for complete beginners, the class requires no ceramic or artistic experience. You’ll complete a simple but beautiful piece like our gorgeous egg trinket or plate! These classes are an intimate experience, allowing you one-on-one time with Peta herself. You will spend the beginning familiarising yourself with brush strokes in the studio, before jumping in and getting started on your own ceramic creation! Press pause, connect with your creativity and come away feeling refreshed and invigorated.

  • WHO? Peta Sweatman, Bowerbird Collections
  • PRICE? $165
  • DURATION? 3.5 hours
  • SNACKS? Yes (gluten free, vegan options too!)
  • WHAT YOU GET? A unique ceramic piece to treasure

The painting workshops will be led by our resident textile designer and artist, Ellie. Ellie excels at capturing the subject with free-flowing brushstrokes and her oil painting classes will cater to a range of experience levels. If your art journey is just beginning or you’re experienced and would like to ‘loosen up’  or try another style, there will be something of value for everyone wanting to learn.

In these classes, Ellie prepares a subject matter to guide you with, allowing you to understand the process of an artist. This gives you an insight into how to begin your painting, develop depth, and properly utilize your materials!

Both workshops at Bowerbird Collections also supply a tasty morning tea, and you get to keep the piece! Oh, and did we mention… All material are provided! For more information or booking, head to our Instagram and follow the links!

  • WHO? Ellie Sweatman, Bowerbird Collections
  • PRICE? $165
  • DURATION? 3.5 hours
  • SNACKS? Yes (gluten free, vegan options too!)
  • WHAT YOU GET? Your own oil painting to keep and new skills!

For the Foodies

Vegan Italian Cooking Class, Brisbane

We all know there are many of you foodies out there, and we have you covered! What better skill is there to have than to prepare and share a meal with your loved ones. Our go-to choice? Italian of course! Lucky for you, we have found a Brisbane-based cooking class to lead you through authentic Italian dishes that you can prepare from scratch. This class and many other ones are run by Salt Meats Cheese. Our favorite bit? They’re 100% plant-based! Lessen your footprint on the environment and share a meal with your mum? Sounds too good to be true!

Salt Meats Cheese has wonderful workshops available starting at $89 per person. In this class, you learn how to create your own fettuccine and spaghetti, with the sauces to match! Did someone say Tomato Passata and Swiss Brown Mushroom? Cashew Parmesan? Sage Sauce? Say no more!

You can read more about the workshops here (including booking!). And for our non-vegan friends: the range of workshops outside of plant-based options can also be found here.

  • WHO? Salt Meats Cheese
  • PRICE? $89
  • DURATION? 2 hours
  • SNACKS? Yes (plus wine or beer on arrival!)
  • WHAT YOU GET? Recipes to take home and share with friends!

We hope this list has been a burst of inspiration in your search for the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. No matter what you gift, it’s all about the time well spent together. A simple way to say thanks, for all the memories together. Sending our love to all of you for this Mother’s Day!

Until next time xx