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November 2017

Eclectic home décor can be daunting but well worth the risk and if you like our store – chances are you like the eclectic look. These are my tips to get you started. How to Avoid Eclectic Home Styling Mistakes There are two mistakes generally made when shooting for eclectic home styling. Firstly, the term eclectic is mistaken as a free pass to mix and match everything and anything. This is not the case. Even an eclectic scheme needs a thread to tie it together. So, start with picking a theme or a colour palette. If you are trying to combine traditional, Victorian opulence with modern, clean lined minimalism under the guise of ‘it’s eclectic’ it will never fly because the themes are so very different. If you don’t know what theme you like - do some research! Houzz is a great place to start digging. Decide what ‘feel’ you wish to accomplish (fresh/ luxurious/ cozy/ traditional…) and search for examples to inspire you. An Eclectic interior is one that takes it ten steps further which means you’ve got to get comfortable with trying new and sometimes unusual combinations. This is where people generally fall into the second mistake: They stop too soon! If you want the symphony of texture, pattern and interest then you need to be brave and take some risks. An eclectic living room can have twelve or more different patterns. This level of complexity transcends the normal, “matchy-matchy”, safe schemes that